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How we felt when we left the mormon cult

It took me sometime to find a video that describes most correctly the way my wife and I felt when we were leaving the mormon church. What this couple went through is so much alike with our experience! I dedicate this video to all those who want to leave and yet are afraid of taking that step. Don’t be afrais because you are not alone and there are many of us here willing to help you.


Mormon music

Sometimes I get nostalgic, maybe because of my Portuguese Fado way of feeling, and last night before going to sleep, I missed mormon music. Mormon Pop music like Afterglow and others played a very important part in my spiritual development  and many times brought me nearer to God and woke up many emotions within my heart. It’s hard to describe how deep it sometimes touched me and how many times I was moved to tears because of the beauty of that music.

I could listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but once you listen to one performance you have listened to them all.

There were hymns during the meetings that touched me deeply, specially those sang in Dutch, French and Portuguese. My favorite were those of praise and where there was a deep communication with God. Sometimes was as if my spirit left my body, I felt I was just being taken to the realm of the most sacred existing place.

I also felt that when I went to a Bahá’í meeting for the first time. There were two Iranian sisters singing in Farsi and it was so so beautiful. They are not professional singers but when they sing is with such a feeling in their hearts that it’s not possible to be moved.

There are religions that don’t allow music. They don’t know what they are missing.


The 7 woes

You like to walk around in your designer suits reveling in being seen by men
You take the best seats at Conference and people rise when you enter the room Devouring poor widows income while you’re sitting on all of your wealth Raiding church-owned corporations for your multi-million dollars

For a pretense you make lengthy, arrogant prayers You exalt yourself and one day you’ll be humbled Woe to you, hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces neither you nor they enter in Woe to you, hypocrites! You make your convert twice as much a child of hell as yourselves

You bind heavy burdens and lay them on other shoulders You’ll not carry them with one finger, for you preach but do not practice What you require to pass your Sacrament: White shirts and ties and clean-shaven With your standards of dress and grooming you wouldn’t even allow Jesus Himself to serve His bread and wine With the way that He’d be dressed He’d be scolded by your high priest.

Woe to you blind fools! You place your priesthood callings and temple attendance Ahead of a relationship with Jesus
Woe to you blind guides! While you choke on a gnat you swallow a thirsty camel Something greater than the temple is here….

Jesus spoke the Truth it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye Of a needle than for you rich men to enter the Kingdom Of Heaven beat your breast and say God be merciful To me a sinner then sell all you have and give it all to the poor. And you’ll have even more In heaven and follow Him now

How often would He have gathered you as a hen gathers her young Under her wings but you would not submit yourself to His Word? Remaining ignorant of the righteousness of God which is faith in Christ You renew your bondage weekly with your prisoners by

Feeding them with leavened bread and water You offer them damnation while Christ feeds with salvation Woe to you hypocrites! Appearing righteous on the outside but I see you are buried in your fig leaf

Woe to you blind Pharisee! You make your temples beautiful palaces but inside they’re full of dead men’s bones Woe to you brood of vipers! You build monuments to honor men that slander God’s true prophets By changing the true Word of God and proclaiming another gospel Woe to you, Jesus weeps over you!
The time to repent is now! Woe

(Adam’s Road Band)


To a special friend in need

I would like to share these favorite mormon songs, I know that she will appreciate them at this moment.


Amy Grant: “Better than a Hallelujah”


May all your fathers be like this!


A few examples on “mormon twists”


The LDS church suppressed many groups in the past for doctrinal reasons that have since been reversed.

Example 1:

1800’s: Women were oppressed and told not to pray in sacrament meetings.

1920: The United States government enforces women’s right to vote.

1978: Women are finally allowed to pray in sacrament meeting.

1980: Women are finally allowed to sit on the stand at general conference.

1990: Endowment is changed so that women are no longer under covenant to obey their husbands.

2010: Women are still not allowed to hold full church authority.

Similar doctrinal lags can be seen in many other areas of the church, where society makes beneficial changes and the church lags behind by about 50 years. A few more examples should suffice: (let me know if you would like more examples or further details)

Example 2:

1906: President Joseph F. Smith stated that changing the priesthood garment to suit the latest fashion trends is a “grievous sin”.

1910’s: Nonmember undergarments in the united states change from a one piece to a two piece because they are more comfortable.

1923: The LDS church presidency authorized a change to the garments so they no longer covered the forearms and ankles.

1930’s: Garments are changed again so they have shorter sleeves.

1970’s: Garments are no longer required to be a ‘one piece’

Example 3:

1800’s: Blacks are oppressed by LDS teachings, forbidding them to receive the priesthood, enter into celestial marriages or receive endowments.

1870: Blacks are allowed to vote in the US government elections.

1955: Blacks in the United States started the African-American Civil Rights Movement, aiming at outlawing racial discrimination against African Americans

1978: Blacks were granted full access to temple endowments, sealings and priesthood.

Example 4:

1890 – Apostle John Henry Smith preaches from the pulpit that “married people who indulge their passions for any other purpose than to beget children, really committed adultery.”

1938: Birth Control Ban is lifted in the US.

1955: LDS Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith states “Birth Control is Wickedness”

1965: Supreme Court says everyone has a right to use Birth Control.

1969: First presidency states “It is contrary to the teachings of the Church to artificially curtail or prevent the birth of children.”

1998: Church publishes a pamphlet saying there is no problem with birth control and that it is between the couple and the Lord how many children they choose to have.

As you can see, the church has a tendency to lag behind society by about 50 years. When the social pressure becomes too great, the church caves in and produces new revelations and revises old doctrines. I can give more examples, but notice the lag is approximately 2 generations. With this type of process at play we can predict when large social changes are likely to occur within the LDS church.

This does not necessarily imply the church is false however. That’s a story for another day 🙂


Baha’u’llah’s Prayers and Meditations



Para cagar também é preciso Fé