Hoje apareceu esta reflexão no meu Facebook. Não sei quem é o autor mas subscrevo-a na sua totalidade: ” É preciso exercitar a capacidade de admirar o outro, enxergando nele qualidades, entendendo que somos humanos e, portanto, imperfeitos. Somente assim poderemos ver além das aparências, pois é justamente aquilo que não se vê com os…


I wish everybody a lot of happiness, and good energies. Be one with your partner and. children. Please don’t forget to be kind to one another because you might well be the only one doing that.

Choices and quotes

One of the great mistakes in quotes is that we build our own future and that we are the result of our choices. Is it so? In many cases yes but in others I don’t think so. Imagine that you fall in love with person A and that that person doesn’t love you or already…

A thought about love

They say that love conquers anything but I don’t agree. There are people in this World to whom you give all the love you have and they still take pleasure to spit on you. This is a sad fact. So, as someone once wisely said “leave the pigs in the mud”. In all these situations…

Going or not going to church?

This is what I found in the Bahai Faith and what I never found in the 25 years I was an active member of the mormon church!

How we felt when we left the mormon cult

It took me sometime to find a video that describes most correctly the way my wife and I felt when we were leaving the mormon church. What this couple went through is so much alike with our experience! I dedicate this video to all those who want to leave and yet are afraid of taking…

Bahai’s in Iran

Rainn Wilson BIHE Video Appeal from Education Under Fire on Vimeo.