Israel has the right to secure its borders but…

An interesting video that forgets the fact that Israel expelled people from their homes to be able to exist. What would we do if another people would come to our home and expel us from it, or oblige us to live under a foreign flag?

I hope that one day Israel and Palestine can live in peace and harmony side by side. No more colonies and no more refugee camps!

A Palestinian attack on a Israeli woman

I dream of the day Israelis will stop building colonies in Palestine and I dream of the day that Palestinians will stop attacking Israelis. I dream of the day when both Israel and Palestine will live together and side by side in Peace. What is seen on this video is not taught in the Bible nor in the Holy Qur’an. Maybe it’s time that religious leaders and politicians sit together and instead of accusing each other for past mistakes, that they give hands and start working together for Peace.