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About Humanity

“When you teach a man to hate and fear his brother, when you teach that he is a lesser  man because of his color or his beliefs or the policies he pursues, when you teach that those who differ from you threaten your freedom or your job or your family, then you also learn to confront others not as fellow citizens but as enemies – to be met not with cooperation but with conquest, to be subjugated and mastered.” RFK


Marriage and Relationships

Marriage came due to religion. The willing to close an aliance with the partner and God in order to be recognize on Earth and in Heaven. People were afraid of what would God say if people just went live together or just would have a ‘pic-nic’ here and there. With time women became a piece of merchandise and were used to trade with social status, goods and money. Women had no word to say about their marriage and so we saw that many women were and still are cohersed into not wanted marriages and into families that sometimes don’t have the slightest respect for them.

As a westerner, I consider women equal to men and with the same rights and obligations and therefore I strongly defend the presence of women in all levels of society. Since the marriage institution comes from religion and social pressure from in the past it’s time that society also evolves with time and adapts an approach to relations between partners.

When I was a Mormon I strongly defended the most conservative principles of the sacredness of family and marriage. Two and a half years went by and today I see things differently. I see the union of partners as something between themselves and please let them chose what kind of relationship they want and with whom they want. Of course society needs to protect itself from adults getting together with children among other possible unions.

Today I would not marry again but I would take my partner, soulmate, love to a beautiful place of our choice and just the two of us I would declare my love for her and make vows valid for us and to be cherished by us. To safeguard the future in case of death or end of the relationship a single document would be signed in front of a Government official and that was it. No need for marriage and no need to expensive, long and many times violent divorce procedures.

I see no problem in the so called not usual relationships like people having more than one partner. If that is their choice society needs to be prepared to accept that kind of union as well. We need to admire this kind of relationships because they need to be very strong to be able to succeed. Love and attention must be given to both partners in order that one of them doesn’t feel left our in the relationship. In Belgium I have seen several examples on televisions of polygamous families that function in perfect harmony.

Until a while ago I was very conservative on this kind of families but since I saw a polygamous family where the women were taking care of each other’s children with so much love and respect my opinion started to change. If these people get along together why not allowing them to be happy as they are? Isn’t it better than a traditional couple in which one of the partners is abusive towards the other?

Maybe all this is too progressive but it’s how I feel.

Israel has the right to secure its borders but…

An interesting video that forgets the fact that Israel expelled people from their homes to be able to exist. What would we do if another people would come to our home and expel us from it, or oblige us to live under a foreign flag?

I hope that one day Israel and Palestine can live in peace and harmony side by side. No more colonies and no more refugee camps!

The story of Jesus

On The Sixth Day
Image by adebⓞnd via Flickr

Lately I have been reading blogs about Jesus’ life and about Christians in general. Before I did not spend any time whatsoever reading those sites because I assumed myself as a Christian and I only read what my denomination (Mormon) had to say about him. Almost two years ago I left the mormon church and with time I lost my faith in Jesus. I have a hard time believing in his miracles and most of all, in his resurrection.  On a scientific point of view that is just not possible. I wonder how I could have believed such a story and even having given two years of my life to be a missionary for the mormon Jesus.

Although I love to read the Qur’an, I have a hard time when it comes to parts when it speaks of harsh punishments for those not doing everything as Allah instructs. I am a father myself and I can’t conceive being such a hard father to them since everyone has its own personality and different lives. We also meet different people during our lives.

Saying this, I no longer believe in the Bible. There are messages in it that I apply into my life and that I also teach my children, but I have a hard time with that hateful God from the Old Testament. I just can’t believe of a God allowing the slaughter of so many people in the times of old, but today we still see crimes being done in his name.

Nobody can really know in this life if God exists or not, but every person can acknowledge the existent of a spiritual part in each one of us that let us know and feel things that are not measurable. Things like love, hate, friendship and spirituality.

Someday I hope I can know for sure if God exists or not. Before I was pretty sure about it, at the moment I keep on wondering about this life’s basic question. And if God exists, is he male or female, christian/muslim/budhist…

A Palestinian attack on a Israeli woman

I dream of the day Israelis will stop building colonies in Palestine and I dream of the day that Palestinians will stop attacking Israelis. I dream of the day when both Israel and Palestine will live together and side by side in Peace. What is seen on this video is not taught in the Bible nor in the Holy Qur’an. Maybe it’s time that religious leaders and politicians sit together and instead of accusing each other for past mistakes, that they give hands and start working together for Peace.