2015 year review

Goodbye 2015, you will not be missed. You were the worst year of my life. Today a year ago I knew that something I've always dreamed of was coming to an end but I never thought that it would be this painful. My efforts were endless, I gave my best to my family but it… Continue reading 2015 year review


Carta aberta a um amigo mórmon

Caro X, Antes de mais quero agradecer-te o apoio e a tua amizade dedicada que me demonstraste ao longo dos anos. Como sabes essa foi uma das razões pela qual o meu filho também se chama ...., para ele ver em ti o que um amigo deve ser. Sabes o que para mim foi ser… Continue reading Carta aberta a um amigo mórmon


Inside the mormon temple

During the missionary discussions I was told that the Temple was the holiest place on Earth and the Brazilian missionary who taught me was very enthusiast talking about his Temple experiences but also with a huge respect for that "sacred house". Needless to say that after my baptism I also wanted to go to the… Continue reading Inside the mormon temple