How ignorant can one be?

The Brexit vote didn’t surprise me, at least now we know for good what lies ahead of us. The British never wanted to play by the rules and they never did. Europe always had to deny itself to please them and that is not the way to be.

I am a strong pro-Europe but for many years now I think that we are having the Europe of the corporations while we all want a Europe for its citizens. How can we have a real European Union when are member-states that refuse the Euro, when we have still roaming costs when calling outside of our country, when school diplomas aren’t recognized or when you need to ask permission to live in another member-state? How can we talk about Europe when one country stubbornly keeps driving on the left side and continues to use its own measure system?

The UK voted for a 19th Century project that lead us to a few catastrophic decines, sooner or later they will realize that but then it will be too late. I am pro-Europe, for a Europe where the citizen counts, where there is unity, not this kind of Europe that we are having now.