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Gay Mormon Excommunicated From His Church Commits Suicide

Source: Pride in Utah

North Carolina: 40 year old Bryan Michael Egnew spent the last decades of his life building up the courage to come out to his family and Mormon church. Once he did his life, family and religion were stripped away from him, and he committed suicide within a matter of weeks. Read further here.


Bullying: this time was enough!



Mormons leaders only respect your privacy if it suits them

After requesting not to be contacted by local church leaders suddenly I find out that one of the bishops’ counselors contacted my wife in order to convince her to go back to church. For the mormon church, the head of the family is always the father, and what he says is law, but when it comes to obtain their needs they are ready to forget their own rules and do whatever they want. My wife asked me not to contact him to put him on his place, but she didn’t ask me not to put it online 🙂


Interviews with mormon leaders

Here I would like to write a few priceless quotes leaders made me during my 25 years of church membership.

  • Why don’t you date sister…? Are you afraid of not being able to handle her in bed? (Stake President)
  • Even if God tells me, I will never call you to be a Bishop, Counselor or member of the Stake High Council. (Stake President)
  • While I am Branch President you will never work with the youth. 10 years ago they all went inactive because of you and your wife (Branch President). He later apologized recognizing that he was wrong.
  • If you ever want to be a leader go back to your country, what are you doing here in Belgium? (Stake’s First Counselor)
  • Why are you here in Belgium and why are you marrying a Belgian member? Did you forget what the church says about it? (Belgium Brussels Mission President 1994)
  • I represent Jesus Christ and God. If you don’t make time for me before Sunday I will take measures against you, your wife and your children. (Bishop)
  • If you wear a light suit you are not a good missionary and you will not find converts to baptize. (Europe Area President, Elder Carlos E. Asay, during my mission. All missionaries in the Zone had between 1 and 3 baptisms and my companion and I had 10). I still remember our Zone Leader, Elder Pearson, smiling when he said that he was proud to have this Portuguese couple in his zone 🙂

Glenn Beck interviews Irshad Manji


Solidariedade com a Jonasnuts em relação à Ensitel

A Ensitel ainda não aprendeu que a sua intransigência lhe sai mais cara que o simples preço de um telemóvel.

Na semana passada numa loja desse tipo aqui na Bélgica pedi informação sobre um telemóvel. Foram mal-criados comigo e eu disse, “OK, vou à loja do outro lado da rua”. Riram-se. Cerca de 30 minutos depois voltei à loja e mostrei o telemóvel que comprei. Aí eles perderam a vontade de rir e a sua má educação transformou-se em embaraço à frente dos outros clientes. Sim, às vezes sai mais barato um bocadinho de boa-educação e de flexibilidade. Essa loja demonstrou que não sabe fazer negócio. Tal como a Ensital neste caso e muitas outras empresas portuguesas.

Aqui na Bélgica sempre me trocaram ou reembolsaram artigos comprados sem me fazerem a mais pequena pergunta. Assim vale a pena voltar e essas lojas merecem um link no meu site.

Em Portugal apenas duas empresas merecem a minha cotação máxima: a Livraria Bertrand na Figueira da Foz e a Orbitur.

Ver aqui o caso Ensitel.


Men on a Mission and mormon “love”

Men on a Mission is a calendar with pictures of former LDS (Mormon) missionaries. Its founder, Chad Hardy, was excommunicated and denied a BYU diploma because of the first such calendar published for 2008. Hardy is featured on the August page of the new calendar, which is a Brigham Young University alumnus edition.

Source: Mental Floss

PS. This calendar has NO NUDITY, but mormon leaders have a problem with the pictures. I think that the next thing will be changing the use of garments and intoducing the burka to both male and female endowed members. Another revelation coming?


Mormon Primary Stake President raising her adopted son

What creeps me out the most about this video is knowing she is the Primary President of her Stake and she’s treating her son like this. It personifies the “righteous anger” I saw so much in the church (that was one of the reasons why my family left).Anyone else relate?

BTW, the following link to her blog verifies her identity as the LDS Church Primary President of her Stake:


According to the mother’s blog, they adopted the boy in the video from Russia. There are six children in her home, one a special needs child. The 10 year old daughter took the video.

The woman in the video is shown in this blog with a picture she calls her “forever family”.

She says: “We were sealed in the Bountiful, Utah Temple on June 6, 2009. Our forever family was established 14 years ago. We have SIX very active children. I know we have been blessed to have these sweet spirits in our home.”

Her blog is suddenly only open to authorized viewers…

See what Dr. Phil told this wonderful Mormon Mom.


Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa, Indonesia Maid Abuse Victim, Hospitalized After Saudi Employers Allegedly Cut Off Her Lips

Yet another case in a disturbing rash of Saudi employers allegedly abusing foreign maids has surfaced.

According to the AFP, Indonesian-born Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa, 23, has been undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of King Fahd Hospital in the Muslim holy city of Medina since Nov. 8, after being burned with a hot iron by her unidentified Saudi employer. Sumiati, one of more than one million Indonesian expats living and working in Saudi Arabia, also reportedly suffered fractures and in her hands and ribs, while other reports say she had portions of her lips cut off with scissors.

Didi Wahyudi, an Indonesian Consulate official, told the Jakarta Globe that a 53-year-old woman who employed Sumiati had been arrested last Thursday, and vowed justice would be served. “The protection of our citizens comes first and we are going to make sure that she gets the best assistance,” he said. Noting that the government would provide additional legal assistance and protection for Sumiati, Didi called signs of the maid’s recovery impressive. “Sumiati is improving both physically and mentally. For example, her appetite is back. I visited her today and she asked for bakso and rice.”

Meanwhile, Amnesty International appealed to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to do more to protect migrant domestic workers, who face “abuse and exploitation,” in the oil-rich kingdom. “At the root of the problem is the failure of the governments of the Gulf states to uphold the rights of women migrant domestic workers,” the watchdog’s Middle East and North Africa director, Malcolm Smart, said.

Allegations of Saudi maid abuse have been rampant in recent months. As the Telegraph reports,
officials in the Saudi city of Abha last week recovered the body of another Indonesian maid who is believed to have died from abuse. Last week, a Sri Lanka maid was recovering after her employers had allegedly driven 14 nails into her body when she asked for her salary after six months of work.


Source: Huffington Post


Bulling no local de trabalho

Na semana passada o mundo laboral parou na Bélgica quando se soube do tratamento que dois empregados recebiam dos seus colegas sem que a Direcção se importasse…

Vodpod videos no longer available.