Mormon leaders changed unit borders to get us out :)

In 1997 we moved to a beautiful village named Wintham (see photos here) to live nearer to my office. We lived in a small house with a beautiful garden. We lived there for three years. We then attended church meetings at Sint Niklaas, the unit of the stake president at the time. We enjoyed church there,…

Catholic Church x Mormon Church experiences

It was hard to get a confirmation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon church) that they had removed my name from their records as I requested on Jan 8 2010. After many phone calls to the stake presidency, messages left on voice-mails and many written e-mails, I only received a mail…

Interviews with mormon leaders

Here I would like to write a few priceless quotes leaders made me during my 25 years of church membership. Why don’t you date sister…? Are you afraid of not being able to handle her in bed? (Stake President) Even if God tells me, I will never call you to be a Bishop, Counselor or…

Bulling no local de trabalho

Na semana passada o mundo laboral parou na Bélgica quando se soube do tratamento que dois empregados recebiam dos seus colegas sem que a Direcção se importasse… Bulling no local de trabalho, posted with vodpod

Cimeira da NATO em Lisboa

Faz-me rir a quantidade de tempo que os telejornais gastam a falar da Cimeira da NATO e sobre as medidas de segurança previstas. Trabalho em Bruxelas desde 1994 e nunca vi tamanhas medidas de segurança para reuniões com chefes de estado dos países que compõem a União Europeia nem da Aliança Atlântica. Só falta fecharem…

My love for History

Recently I started publishing History videos on my blog because History is one of my main hobbies. I love to read and watch shows about the History of the 19th and 20th centuries as well as about my native country: Portugal. Enjoy.

Near my place

This is one of my favorite places here in Mechelen: Originally uploaded by DirkVandeVelde I always love to bike along the Chanel Mechelen-Leuven.