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To my Father

Today is Father’s Day in Portugal and therefore I would like to tell him this:
I asked my Mother to have you as a Father and she said YES. We didn’t have a good relationship but I always admired your intelligence and the way you treated her. I didn’t like when your parents disagreed with you in front of me because you are my Father. I never liked the way you taught me things from school but later I understood why and I did the same to my kids (not giving them the answers, telling them to investigate). You made me think when I just wanted answers. You taught me what life was before you came to Belgium (counting money to meet the ends and making priorities). Thanks to you I also learned to love good music.
I loved your speach at my marriage and when you took me for a walk and encouraged me to be a good Father for my children. I also loved many other things I didn’t and never will say. In spite of the few things that you still do and really get on my nerves, your good things are a lot more important. Therefore I want everybody to know that I am thankful for everything you did to me and gave me. You were and are my secret hero. And yes, I always loved you and that feeling will always stay.

Amber shops in Gdansk / Danzig Poland Travel Blog

If you like Amber jewellery, then the Gdansk shops are for you.

Head straight for the Mariacka street, which is full of very cute basement shops side by side with an unbelievable range of Amber jewellery from small items to some serious giant rocks that would make heads turn! We spent hours (!!) in this street with my friends, and no, noone left it empty handed….

You will also find more Amber shops along the Motlawa river and some in the main Dluga street.

And wherever you go, remember to negotiate! Every price is up for discussion, especially if buying more than 1 item and the shop keepers expect it so they’re unlikely to be offended.

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Why Adult Coloring Books Have Inspired Me.


In the last little while a few months ago, I have been coloring in adult coloring books and its so lovely to see a design whether its a mandala’s, mehndi’s, flowers, patterns, butterflies and other creations, and its really something that has given me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Some of the pages are a struggle, but somehow I am getting through them easily once I begin. When I was going to the stores, I always saw these coloring books and I always ended up putting them down until one time, I decided to pick one up as a trial run. I bought some markers and I began my journey through using my creativity and enjoying coloring.

I have bought coloring books from, Everyone love coloring, Mandala Magic,  Inspirational, Mandalas, Mehndi Designs, from Valentina Harper, Jess Volinski, Thaneeya McCardle, from publishers such as Baron’s, and other books. I am…

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Choices and quotes

One of the great mistakes in quotes is that we build our own future and that we are the result of our choices. Is it so? In many cases yes but in others I don’t think so. Imagine that you fall in love with person A and that that person doesn’t love you or already has someone else. You can’t choose who you fall in love with or that you will not be in love with that person anymore. Through my entire life I met people telling me “I married my partner but he/she is not the love of my life. When I see my love I feel an electricity shock going all over me.”

For me the best example is that when I was young I wanted to be a jetliner pilot. I wanted to transport people across the World, I wanted to fly and to be free. With time I had to realize that sciences and myself just don’t go along and that my talents are in speaking foreign languages. I could choose to keep on trying and trying or to divert my efforts into another direction. I did that but flying is still my dream. It’s a dream that will never come true.

A few years ago I was able to fly a Cessna just for a few seconds and I will never forget the great sensation I felt. I had to accept the fact that I will never fly people to other countries but the taste got me, even if for just a few seconds.