Missing cosiness with my mormon friends

Not everything in the LDS/mormon church was bad. During those 25 years I had the previlege to meet many beautiful people who I consider to be among my best friends / family.  While with them I spent moments that I can never forget, moments of cosiness, moments when we told each other secrets, when we…

Interview with Professor Suheil Bushrui

Entrevista com o Prof. Suheil Bushrui. Program "Fe dos Homens" broadcasted on RTP2 (Portugal), on the 3rd October 2010. Filmed at the Summer School, in Santarem. Programa "Fé dos Homens" transmitido na RTP2 em 03 de Outubro de 2010. Gravado durante a Escola de Verão em Santarém.       Source: Povo de Bahá

Why do I blog about my mormon church experiences

Video taken in November 2012 Many people ask me why do I blog about the negative experiences I went through in the mormon church. The answer is very simple, first of all to get rid of all the feelings I got during those terrible years I went to church in the Antwerp Stake. It’s my…

What kind of plane carried the Polish President to death?

It was a Soviet built Tupolev 154. Although very criticized in the West, I flew in one of them from Budapest to Brussels in Feb. 1994 and  I have to admit that it was my favorite flight so far. It had enough leg-room, it was comfortable and I wish all my flights were on these…

Solidarity with the People of Poland

Today I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the Polish People for the loss of their President and most of their leaders on the plane crash this morning in Smolensk.