My wishes for 2018

I would like to wish everybody a wonderful 2018 with lots of health, love, happiness and work. Appreciate more, open doors, build bridges, judge less, love more, share your time and talents with others, listen. Respect differences and others. Sallow your pride when possible and burn bridges when needed. But first of all, LOVE YOURSELF and… Continue reading My wishes for 2018



Ja ik klaag over sirenes, ja ik hou van stilte maar vandaag wil ik aan al de hulpdiensten bedanken omdat ze er voor ons zijn wanneer we ze nodig hebben. Ik wil bedanken aan de sympathieke politie agenten die hun werk met passie en toewijding doen, aan de dokters, verplegers, apothekers, vrijwilligers en administratief personeel… Continue reading Dankwoord


Tradições e boa educação precisam-se

Quando eu era pequeno as pessoas visitavam-se ou telefonavam para dar os "parabéns" nos aniversários. Será que hoje em dia isso caiu em desuso e o que conta são mensagens no Facebook ou no Whatsapp? Todos se queixam da desumanização nos contactos pessoais mas ninguém quer dar ou está na disposição de dar a volta… Continue reading Tradições e boa educação precisam-se

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Last day at work

Today is my last day at work at Amma Insurances in Brussels. It was a short-term mission and I enjoyed a lot the time I spent there. The job was very interesting, I learned a lot and the colleagues and managers were the best I ever had. Leaving Amma is like leaving a home where… Continue reading Last day at work


5 Difficult Situations Where ‘Letting Go’ Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

1. When the people you love hurt you We’ve all been hurt before. We let people in, and they shatter us. So we develop a ‘thick skin,’ as they tell us we should. But there are two different types of thick skin, the good and the bad. The first is when you develop resilience that… Continue reading 5 Difficult Situations Where ‘Letting Go’ Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make