Enkele Vlaamse normen en waarden

Als ik jong ben dan is alles gratis en wordt er goed voor mij gezorgd. Door iedereen. Gepensioneerden, werklozen, zieken en ja, zelfs mensen zonder kinderen dragen af voor mij. Als ik echter volwassen ben wil ik zelf niets liever dan minder afdragen. Ik kijk immers vooral naar mezelf en ben belangrijker dan wie dan … Continue reading Enkele Vlaamse normen en waarden

Como a adversidade nos pode transformar

Esta é uma boa lição para todos nós, não importa em que fase da vida… Uma jovem foi conversar com sua avó, e contou sobre o quanto as coisas estavam difíceis na sua vida – o marido a havia traído e ela estava arrasada. Ela não sabia o que ia fazer e queria desistir. Ela … Continue reading Como a adversidade nos pode transformar

Amber shops in Gdansk / Danzig

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If you like Amber jewellery, then the Gdansk shops are for you.

Head straight for the Mariacka street, which is full of very cute basement shops side by side with an unbelievable range of Amber jewellery from small items to some serious giant rocks that would make heads turn! We spent hours (!!) in this street with my friends, and no, noone left it empty handed….

You will also find more Amber shops along the Motlawa river and some in the main Dluga street.

And wherever you go, remember to negotiate! Every price is up for discussion, especially if buying more than 1 item and the shop keepers expect it so they’re unlikely to be offended.

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Why Adult Coloring Books Have Inspired Me.


In the last little while a few months ago, I have been coloring in adult coloring books and its so lovely to see a design whether its a mandala’s, mehndi’s, flowers, patterns, butterflies and other creations, and its really something that has given me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Some of the pages are a struggle, but somehow I am getting through them easily once I begin. When I was going to the stores, I always saw these coloring books and I always ended up putting them down until one time, I decided to pick one up as a trial run. I bought some markers and I began my journey through using my creativity and enjoying coloring.

I have bought coloring books from, Everyone love coloring, Mandala Magic,  Inspirational, Mandalas, Mehndi Designs, from Valentina Harper, Jess Volinski, Thaneeya McCardle, from publishers such as Baron’s, and other books. I am…

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