To my Father

Today is Father’s Day in Portugal and therefore I would like to tell him this:
I asked my Mother to have you as a Father and she said YES. We didn’t have a good relationship but I always admired your intelligence and the way you treated her. I didn’t like when your parents disagreed with you in front of me because you are my Father. I never liked the way you taught me things from school but later I understood why and I did the same to my kids (not giving them the answers, telling them to investigate). You made me think when I just wanted answers. You taught me what life was before you came to Belgium (counting money to meet the ends and making priorities). Thanks to you I also learned to love good music.
I loved your speach at my marriage and when you took me for a walk and encouraged me to be a good Father for my children. I also loved many other things I didn’t and never will say. In spite of the few things that you still do and really get on my nerves, your good things are a lot more important. Therefore I want everybody to know that I am thankful for everything you did to me and gave me. You were and are my secret hero. And yes, I always loved you and that feeling will always stay.

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