Are we successful as parents?


Many people ask themselves this question but for me the answer is very easy. When I see that my children are happy, that they help their friends, that they don’t lie or steal, and they do their best in the World… then I know that I am a successful parent. If there are things that I am proud of in my life is that I do my best as a Father to these 3 people that we made with so much love.
Being a parent is not only putting food on the table or giving shelter. Being a parent is not only spoiling your kids with toys and money. It’s a lot more than that, first of all is providing your children a safe haven, that they know that when they enter the home they are safe from the World. But for me the most important is to listen to what they and their friends have to tell you. By allowing your children talking to you and trusting you, you are building the foundation for when things get tough, that they will always know to whom they can turn to. This requires that you need to turn off the TV when your favorite show is on, that you need to listen to the same stories hundreds of times, that those websites/e-mails have to wait and that maybe you need to work over hours tomorrow to be able to attend your child singing that song at school. Do we do that?



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