Mormon music

Sometimes I get nostalgic, maybe because of my Portuguese Fado way of feeling, and last night before going to sleep, I missed mormon music. Mormon Pop music like Afterglow and others played a very important part in my spiritual development  and many times brought me nearer to God and woke up many emotions within my heart. It’s hard to describe how deep it sometimes touched me and how many times I was moved to tears because of the beauty of that music.

I could listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but once you listen to one performance you have listened to them all.

There were hymns during the meetings that touched me deeply, specially those sang in Dutch, French and Portuguese. My favorite were those of praise and where there was a deep communication with God. Sometimes was as if my spirit left my body, I felt I was just being taken to the realm of the most sacred existing place.

I also felt that when I went to a Bahá’í meeting for the first time. There were two Iranian sisters singing in Farsi and it was so so beautiful. They are not professional singers but when they sing is with such a feeling in their hearts that it’s not possible to be moved.

There are religions that don’t allow music. They don’t know what they are missing.


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