Mormon home-teaching

Let’s be honest here, I never liked home-teaching. Really, I always saw it as breaching the privacy of a family and I never liked that. So I think I never had 100% on home-teaching. On the other hand I almost always loved to receive the home-teachers because it was the chance to see someone from church during the week, although that only happened on a regular basis with two couples. One of them was while we were in the St. Niklaas branch in the Antwerp Stake. There I had the best home-teachers ever, it was a brother with his disabled son. The adult son didn’t say anything and just smiled, that smile ment the World to me. He was as old as I am and I felt so sorry for him, but even today I love him dearly. His father was someone who always supported us individualy and as a family. He knew what we were going through because a few years before he also had lots of bad experiences with members of his previous branch (people were signing papers requesting that his entire family would be excommunicated).

Those home-teachers were a breath of pure air each time they came in, so full of love, so pure, so radiant. I also love his wife and children (now adults and good married). We were regularly invited to their place and we spent many hours together. They always were and still are a good example to me. At the time our children were very young and cried when they wanted to eat or needed a new diaper and he always said “I enjoy so much listening to babies crying, it’s music to my ears”. He visited us and was our friend not only by assignment but also out of pure love. We are very thankful for that!

We also had home-teachers who wanted to know every detail of our daily life, and once when I asked how one of his children was, he said “well, that is a family matter”. He was offended that I asked how is sick son was doing. I was so sick of that paternalist attitude of his that I left the room and he stayed alone with my wife and I didn’t return until he was gone. It was the last time we had home-teaching. We had several sad experiences with that HT and we saw that he was like that and didn’t even want to consider a possible change in his attitude. Although I really know that it was not his intention, he did hurt people a lot with some of his comments. On the other hand, he was fantastic with my children, they loved him dearly and once in a while he helped them with maths.


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