Why do I blog about my mormon church experiences

Video taken in November 2012

Many people ask me why do I blog about the negative experiences I went through in the mormon church. The answer is very simple, first of all to get rid of all the feelings I got during those terrible years I went to church in the Antwerp Stake. It’s my healing process. The second reason is to share with others, in Belgium or abroad, about the possible negative experiences they can have if they ever join an organization that presents itself as a place where love reigns but where in fact, prejudice, misjudgement, bigotry, blackmailing and mind-control abound. Mormons not only control the way you think, they also control your entire thinking process, and if you resist and say that you still have a mind of your own, then you are given “a reputation”. Some of the titles they stick to you are “he doesn’t keep the commandments”, “he is a sinner”, “he doesn’t fit”, “he is not a good influence to our children”, just to name a few.

For 16 years many mormons in the Flemish part of Belgium made my family life a daily living hell. So many times we tried to get possible existing (???) issues straight out but never with success. Now that finally we had the courage to say “it’s enough, we don’t take it anymore” some of them are very worried because I publish my experiences with them on the internet. Shouldn’t they have thought about it before they did to us and to our children what they did? Shouldn’t they have thought about it before they were so bigot towards us? Shouldn’t they have thought about it before mining our marriage and family?

I need to re-learn to think without the “inplanted mormon-thinking software”, and so far I can say that it works. Many ex-mormons need to share their experiences with others because leaving mormonism is not easy and they long for a listening ear, for a open and receptive heart. The internet is a marvelous tool because it brings all of us together and we can build a worldwide support network. There are several networks out there and members are always ready for a helping hand and a listening ear. After posting a thought, you get the first supporting mails within minutes. I am so thankful to all those who helped and still help me with their e-mails, their words and their posts. And I am also so happy to be able to help others through their ex-mormon ordeal.

The mormon church IS a cult


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