Reading the Qur’an and praying Bahá’í prayers

This afternoon I went to a quiet place near the canal in my city and I read the Holy Qur’an for 30 minutes. I wonder how come people even dare to criticize such a beautiful book as this one, which is so inspiring in someone’s life! Last year I discovered the Qur’an and it soon became my favorite book. Last week I bought a French pocket copy of it and since then I always carry it with me. It gives me peace, it brings love in my life and in my opinion it’s the word of God in its fullness. Sometimes I think if it will ever be possible for someone to write such a marvelous book as this one!

The Qur’an brought me to the Bahá’í Faith and I cannot find prayers with the same beauty of Bahá’í prayers and Muslim dua’s! All this together brought beauty in my inner-life. I never prayed so much as I pray since I found the Qur’an and the Bahá’í Faith.


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